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From more details about deposits, what kind of food we feed our dams and puppies, read our entire warranty, and how we travel with our pups; check out our frequently asked questions page.


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We don't start our focus on the puppies, we begin with the parents. The dogs that we keep at our home are our pets and are given one-on-one love and affection. They are taken on our never ending trips to Lowe's and family hikes on the weekend.  The dogs who are in our program but don't live on our property, live in carefully selected guardian homes, where they too are the center of attention. In the summer, they enjoy their trips to the beach and Jeeping adventures.

When mothers are about ready to deliver, we prepare a stall just for them.  We sleep out in the barn when we are nearing the due date. We are ready around the clock to assist mom at anytime. Each mother gets to enjoy her privacy in her area with her pups. We keep things quiet, warm, and pristinely clean for both mothers and pups.  When a few weeks have passed and mom is ready to spend a few hours away from her pups, she gets to romp in the sunshine with other mothers.  As soon as those puppy teeth come in, mom is done! We want our dames to have an enjoyable nursing experience. Once this stage of motherhood has passed, we send our girls to our favorite groomer for a "spa day" before going back to their previous puppy free daily routine. 

why parfait mischen?

Now we shift our focus to the puppies. We could fill a whole page with the in-depth process we incorporate with these little guys, but we will keep it brief here. We implement Puppy Culture early on to jump start their development.  If we can do something that will give our puppies an edge younger in life, we think it is worth investing in. They are given a lot of personal care every day while under our care. Their stalls are cleaned out three times a day with non-toxic cleaners.  Their diet consists of a NON-GMO kibble blend, and we seek out non-toxic toys for them to teethe on and play with. At five weeks old, we introduce them to crate training and impulse control.  We like to mentally stimulate our pups, and give them top notch care to create healthy and well-adjusted puppies. On day 49 of the puppies life, we do a moderated version of the Volhard Test to have a better understanding of what category each of our puppies fall into. That way we can have confidence pairing you with the perfect puppy.

When you decide to place your deposit, you aren't just purchasing a puppy, you are joining a growing family with people just like you. People who support responsible breeding, pay attention to detail, and want to be paired with their perfect puppy. You are welcomed into our private group of hundreds of other families. You get a puppy & a family too!

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praise for PM

"Working with Megan at Parfait Mischen was an absolute delight. She let me meet with the litter three different times before "selection day" to ensure that I met the one that was just right for me and for the dog. We absolutely LOVE Odie, and the fit with our retired lifestyle is just perfect. I credit Megan and Parfait Mischen for that. Megan is a dear, loving individual, and that carries over to the way she treats the pups and her clients. Thanks, Megan."

- Rolf W.

"We recently adopted a Goldendoodle puppy for our family. We worked with Megan, who was very open and answered all of our questions. She was patient and always available for a call, a text, or even a visit. We were able to get the results of the temperament testing and meet the puppy before his go home date. Our puppy is a well balanced, sweet, smart puppy who was well taken care of and has taken no time to bond with our family. He is very even tempered and sweet, and smart and easy to train. I would highly recommend to friends and have no suggestions for improvement. The process was very honest and easy, and the dog is fantastic."

- Stacey T.

"We added a pup to our family in the Spring of 2021 from Amber's first litter at Parfait Mischen. We requested that we talk to Megan, the primary caretaker of the litter, so we can get information about the litter and, what we thought was a disadvantage, being last on the list. She spent considerable time answering all our questions about the PM breeding program, her history with breeding, and the puppy selection process. Being first time puppy parents, we needed a lot more information about the litter routine and how to set ourselves up for success in the first two weeks. The week that we were to receive the puppy, Megan talked us through the puppy schedule and some important do's and dont's. Two weeks in, we are still texting her about our pup. She has been patient and welcoming every time." 

- Monica K.

Just wanted to send you a note expressing our profound gratitude for your efforts in raising such a wonderful mini-Goldendoodle - our Han Solo. It is easy to see he has been given tremendous amounts of love and has been well taken care of in the 8 weeks leading up to our adoption of him. We really appreciated all the time you spent with us making sure we selected the perfect puppy to match our family. We also greatly valued your consistent updates (including videos and pictures) of the puppies throughout the process. Your professionalism has also been extremely impressive in running, what I’m sure is, a true labor of love. In our efforts to raise a well behaved and loved puppy we look forward to keeping you updated on Han’s progress. I would HIGHLY recommend Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles on every level to anyone looking for a very healthy, well loved, and just all around adorable mini-Goldendoodle. Thank you again. 

- Paul D.

"What a fantastic experience from beginning to end. We placed our deposit about 10 months before we picked up our adorable Mini Goldendoodle, Mr. Darth Vader Red. Throughout those months, we were graced with constant communication, videos, and any questions we had were promptly answered. Megan constantly posted content to the PM Puppy Center Facebook page and really strove to make sure we were informed of all the information pertaining to each puppy. PM is truly a top-of-the-line Goldendoodle breeder, and I promise you will be happy with your puppy."

- Susan H.

"We adopted an eight month old F1B Standard Golden Doodle from Parfait Mischen. While we had reservations about not getting a puppy, Megan assured us that Mr. Yellow – who we renamed Charlie, would be a great fit based on what we communicated we were looking for, Charlie’s Volhard test results, and her own experience with the dog. Turns out, Megan was “spot on.” Charlie, now 10 months old, is perfect for our family. He has the sweetest disposition. He is gentle, extremely loyal, very trainable, and has settled in to our life like he’s been here since he was 8 weeks vs. eight months. Working with Megan made Charlie’s transition stress free and seamless. She meet us twice so we could interact with Charlie to ensure he was a fit, spent a lot of time on the phone answering our questions, and even came to our home to work with Charlie to ensure his transition at eight months was perfect. We can't imagine our life without Charlie, and we can’t imaging going through the adoption process with anyone but Megan and Parfait Mischen."

- Gary + Lisa

"We wanted to share a few recent pictures of Oscar! He is such an amazing puppy. Everyone that has met him has had the same reaction about him being so good, calm, not a hyper puppy, good temperament, and well of course how adorable he is! He's been a social butterfly with people at my son's baseball games.  He has fit right in to our family so well!

- Brynn P.

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