Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles

parfait- french for "perfect"

mischen- german for "mix"

we are the castillo family...

Hello! I'm Megan Castillo and this is my family.  We live in the charming state of North Carolina.  My husband James and I were high school sweethearts and have been blessed with our sweet daughter, Alayna Grace.  James has always been super supportive of me during this exciting business venture of raising puppies. 

We both grew up with our parents breeding dogs.  James's mom bred poodles and my dad bred English Creme Golden Retrievers.  Needless to say Goldendoodles are a perfect match for us!

I love it when we spend time as a family in the great outdoors.  Which is where you will find us on our days off.  Exploring the many hiking trails NC has to offer, often with a dog in tow.  At the end of the day when our dogs have been cared for, Alayna is asleep, you will probably find us on the couch rewatching "The Office." Dwight is my all time favorite.


why choose parfait mischen Goldendoodles?

Ethical Breeders

Our dogs don't live in cages, they spend their afternoon romping in the backyard with their friends, have one-on-one time with us, go on errands, and weekend hikes. Our dams are our pets, the dams and studs that aren't living at our home are living in carefully selected guardian homes and are also family pets. They are taken on vacations to the beach, soak up the sun, and enjoy the JEEP life. All our pets are given the best care and taken to the vet often. It is our top priority to have our barn cleaned several times a day and we are very selective with the products we use on and around our dogs and puppies.


pampered dams

We also go out of our way to pamper the dams while they are mothers in our program. These sweet girls deserve great care, and that is what they get. When the puppies are several weeks old and don't require constant nursing, the mothers get to spend several hours playing with other dogs in the sunshine. The moms are also taken on short walks when we start to begin the weening process. At week 4, we start checking for teeth development. When those teeth come in, mom stops nursing so that way her nursing experience isn't painful. Before any of our dames go home, they get a spa afternoon before going back to their guardian families. When the dams aren't with pups, they are hitting the beaches, floating on paddle boards, or taking on the Blue Ridge trails.


happy puppies

Our puppies are happy and well cared for. Their stalls are cleaned three times a day and they receive proper treatment, love, and care. They are also well socialized. Very early on we start teaching them impulse control, it helps lay the foundation for the owner to have a smooth transition into training their puppy. Our pups spend their day in clean stalls, they wrestle their litter mates, play with their toys, and enjoy their outside puppy run. In the evening, it's not uncommon for our daughter Alayna to go into their stall and pet and play with them until they are all tuckered out (including Alayna).


Highest Rating in G.A.N.A

G.A.N.A. stands for Goldendoodle Association of North America. They set the standard for what good breeders should achieve to create healthy Goldendoodle puppies through health clearances. There are a few tiers in GANA and we are rated at the top tier "Blue Ribbon." Which means all our dames and studs have to meet a certain level of testing. We are very thorough with our dogs and make sure they are up to date on their testings and clearances. 


"Excellent" with Good Dog

We take great care of our dams, studs, and puppies. We introduce Puppy Culture at a young age with our puppies. We Volhard test all of our puppies before they are selected by their families to make sure they are a good match for each other. Every family that is interested in adopting one of our puppies must be approved by us before being allowed to send us their deposit. We have a guardian program for our dames and studs so that way they can all live wonderful daily lives as pets. We don't breed too young and we retire our dames at a young age. We keep our litter stalls immaculately clean. We take all our puppies to the vet before going home and all our dams are seen regarding by our vet as well. For those reasons, we have an "excellent" standing with Good Dog.


researched Products

We have put great detail and research in every aspect of our business. All the products that we use around or on our dogs have been carefully selected out of the thousands of dog products on the market. We use non-GMO food and organic shampoos. After bath time we treat the dogs with an all natural ear cleaner. We also give NUVET vitamins to our dogs every morning. We use non-toxic cleaners to clean our barn, and a deep cleaning but non-toxic detergent to wash our puppy mats, towels, and rags. We keep our barn clean, but without the harmful chemicals.


Volhard Testing

At day 49, we temperament test our puppies in a new environment with a person that is a stranger to them. The Volhard Test allows us to see what category each puppy falls into: Alpha, Alpha-Beta, Beta, Beta- Omega, Omega, etc. This helps us know which pups have strong therapy and service dog potential. The test also lets us know a better understanding of the personality of each pup. When it comes time for our clients to select their puppy, they are given the results of the testing. That way they have a better understanding which pup will be a good match for their family and their needs.


Joining a community

Parfait Mischen was established in 2015. There are a lot of people that have joined the PM Family over the years. The business has continued to grow and thrive which means our once smaller family has grown into a community. When you place a deposit on a puppy, you are invited to join our private community of fellow dog lovers from all walks of life. You will get to share birthdays, see pictures of your pups other litter mates, and make new friends. You aren't just getting a puppy, your joining our growing PM Family!! 


Hamilton is a gorgeous, healthy dog with a wonderful temperament. He’s incredibly friendly, adaptable, and eager to please. He’s wildly intelligent and has a distinctly sassy and playful personality that’s always making me laugh. And to top it all off, he came home with absolutely fantastic foundations in socialization, crate-training, and potty-training! The longer I work with him, the more astounded I am by the exceptional breeding and raising behind him. I’m so, so grateful for the work that you put into him, and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. 

Thank you, 


kind words from a past client

"I am writing to give my highest recommendations to Megan Castillo of Parfait Mischen (PM) Goldendoodles. We are so happy that we chose her as a breeder! Megan's love for the dames, studs, and puppies shines through each stage of the process, and she communicates with the prospective families every step of the way -- through emails, Facebook, videos, medical and personality testing and training guides. Megan really loves dogs and she does a fantastic job in helping each family choose a puppy that is appropriate for their needs.

We are certainly thrilled with our puppy, Brioche, the former Ms. Padme Peach! Brioche came home with us on July 3rd, so she's only been here a few days, but she immediately charmed her way into our lives. In fact, she's full of kisses! Megan did a great job ensuring that she was well socialized before we picked Brioche up at 8 weeks. Amazingly, our puppy had no complaints about the holiday fireworks and was not at all shy around the large crowd at our 4th of July party. But while our puppy loves to be around people, what she really wants is to be close to her humans. In fact, I am working from home with Brioche by my side!"

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