The market is exploding with SO MANY new and exciting dog products. It can be an overwhelming process to know what to choose or even where to start. Below is a list with links to the products that we at Parfait Mischen recommend. Some products we choose because we think they stand out above the rest, while others are just our own personal preference.  The main thing to consider before buying a product (some items we have a variety of options to look at) is what works best for your family. There are several lists below: Preparing for Your Puppy, Puppy Pick-Up, Adventure is Out There, & Miscellaneous.  A lot of  time and research was done to track down quality, safe, & when we could find it, small business & American made products. We hope this is a valuable resource to you and helps make puppy supply shopping an enjoyable experience. 

what do we recommend ?

Recommended Products

Preparing for your puppy

your pup will be coming home soon, what should you order ahead of time?

Puppy Pick-up

You're coming to get Your Puppy, What should you pack?

road trip

no links just a helpful reminder list

1. Dog Food
2. Plastic Carrier Crate- Best Option for Traveling
3. Blankets
4. Baby Wipes
5. Puppy Collar
6. Leash
7. Collapsable Dishes
8. Water Bottle
9. Plastic Bag- To Throw Away Trash In
10. Poop- Bags
11. Paper Towels
*Bring an Airline Approved Collapsable Soft Crate if flying. Check Airlines for specifics.

adventure is out there

you love the great outdoors or are training for your next big goal? consider checking out these products for your pet.

extra Dog Products

for items that you didn't know you wanted