random fact: i didn't truly understand how deeply a dog could feel until we got Amber.

Meet Amber

american golden retriever

Amber is our classic American Golden Retriever. She is an old soul who loves nothing more but to be near us. We think she looks like she belongs in a John Wayne film out on a ranch. She is a sweetheart and feels deeply. She can sense the feelings of those around her and displays strong empathy. She is also a little goofy. She is so much fun to watch romping with other dogs. She has convinced herself that she is also a Goldendoodle. It's not uncommon for us to find her trying to "hop" around the backyard.

She is the sweetest dam we have.

She is a classic American Golden Retriever. 

She feels very deeply towards her puppies. She is a passionate mother.

She has soft/ coarse textured coat.

She is an old soul that makes the perfect companion.

She has the kindest brown eyes.

She does well with both people and animals.

She weighs 55 lbs.

She travels well in our JEEP.

She is a rich amber color.






Tested & Cleared for the following

OFA Heart - Normal
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Knees - Normal
NEwS - N/N
vWD1 - N/N
DM - N/N
Ich - N/C
Prcd-PRA - N/N

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