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Litters of Parfait Mischen

We keep our prices simple, each puppy adoption fee is $4,000.00.  If we approve your Puppy Application, we require a $500.00 deposit to secure your place in the litter waitlist below. Once the deposit is placed, the real fun begins!

Our dames go into heat at different times of the year. Goldendoodles, depending on how their heat falls, can have up to two litters a year. While our American Golden Retriever and English Creme typically have one litter a year. Current litters have been born and are on site under our care. Bred pairs have successfully mated and will have their predicted due date available. Lastly, future litters are pairings that we have predetermined that we will be offering at the dam's next heat.

amber & Huck

bred pairs

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Gidget & sully

Oh, things are getting serious! We are so glad you've gotten to know us and all the wonderful dogs and puppies that make Parfait Mischen. To fill out a puppy application, click on the link below and fill out the form. We will review your application within 48 hrs of submission. If you are approved, things are about to get seriously awesome!!! 

Puppy application

2 Pups Available
Take Home Day: august 28, 2021

f1b standard goldendoodles

1 puppy spot available
take home day: October 30th

f1 standard goldendoodles

multi-gen minature goldendoodles

0 puppy spots available
take home day: november 15th

Misty & Huck

5 puppy spots available
take home day: October 28th

f1 standard goldendoodles

future families of pm waitlist

misty's fall Litter 

f1 standard goldendoodles

1. Breeder's Pick
2. Lloyd
3. Jackson
4. Hall

stand by:

1. Castillo Family
2. Smith Family

pippin's summer Litter 

f1b medium standard goldendoodles

1. Wilkins

Gidget's Fall Litter 

F1bb petite miniature  goldendoodles

1. Cook
2.  Stallard

ambers's Fall Litter 

F1 standard  goldendoodles

1. Breeder's Pick
2. Madan
3. Flanagan
4. Chess
5. Bernal

Future Litter waitlist 

petite miniatures

1.  Walton

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