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Nancy is a little go getter! She is full of spunk and has a lot to say. She is playful and fun and a little handful! She is an Alpha-Beta and has the potential to be a service dog if given the proper training. She is very entertaining and likes to take on the world around her with her bounding energy. She is quick to give out love and enjoys receiving attention from people around her.

"I could not be more in love with my sweet Lucy. She has such a fun and confident personality and makes friends everywhere we go. My students love the days when I bring Lucy to school! She brings so much joy to my life and is the most adorable ball of floof I could have ever asked for. I had a very positive experience working with Megan. She helped me select the perfect puppy for my lifestyle and shared helpful information as I was getting ready to welcome Lucy home. When I picked up Lucy at the airport, I could tell she had been well loved and cared for during her first 2 months of life. I am very grateful to Parfait Mischen for giving me my best friend!"

- Mary B.

FOLLOW UPS FROM past Gidget puppies

"Hi, Megan! This is Iti! I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Kaju. He's settling well and is a ball of energy! Super cuddly sometimes too!"

- Iti M.

FOLLOW UPS FROM past Gidget puppies

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