These little minis are oh-so-sweet!

Gidget is such a wonderful mother! I never have to worry when it comes time for her to have her puppies. She delivers them relatively quickly and her puppies come into the world active and quick to give their opinion of the whole ordeal. This delivery was no exception. On November 21, near 10:00pm Gidget began delivering her litter.

There is a boy that is solid black and quite chunky. He is my daughter’s favorite. There are 3 girls in this litter. Gidget always produces a “mini me” version of herself. That puppy was the first to greet us out of this litter. I always get excited to see a tiny Gidget welcomed into the world. The other two girls are apricot in color, one has white tux looking markings.

Amongst all the happy feelings we felt about these babies being born was also mixed sadness. Gidget’s second male, who was a sweet brown colored boy, began to decline towards the end of the week. We worked with him a lot. We prioritized him over other siblings when we observed that he had started to lag behind. But as nature goes, he just didn’t have enough to fight left. He passed away Saturday morning. That is one of the downsides of being a breeder, there is love and loss. It’s hard not to get attached to puppies that you have spent additional time pouring care into. That is just how it is. The joy you must cling to is focusing on the ones that continue to grow and will go on to live their lives.

So that is where we find ourselves today, we are excited about these sweet babies and look forward to pouring all the love we have into them. For right now, they are right in the middle of my kitchen in their whelping box. The first few weeks or so, they spend with us under my constant supervision to make sure everyone else is doing well and helping the puppies that need it.

In a few days, we will be taking their portraits and having their dewclaws removed. These sweet babies will be able to go home on January 16th. Enjoy following along, we will be sharing their updates once a week!


  1. Martha Schott says:

    Thank you Megan. This is beautifully written and a blessing to waiting families.


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