Wow! So much change has taken place since the last journal entry.

Aurora, Charlotte, and Boone have been loved on greatly! They have enjoyed the time Alayna has sat in their stall with them. Their eyes and ears are taking in their surroundings. They can wobbly walk around their stall. They have recently begun to sit and play chew on their siblings. Now and then you will hear one of them make a little yip or quick growl as they learn to communicate.

The next week will most likely be their last full week with mom. Their teeth have begun to form under their gums. We do not prefer Gidget to continue to nurse if her babies have a full set of teeth and she does not care for it either!

We will continue to interact with these sweethearts and monitor their teeth development during the next week. I’ve also pre-scheduled some safe socializations that we are looking forward to in the upcoming weeks ahead! Until next entry, have a wonderful Christmas season!



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