I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Mr Boone, Miss Charlotte, + Miss Aurora.

I’ve lived in many states. I’ve grown up on the east coast, west coast, and mid-west. But out of all the states, North Carolina has been my favorite! The people are kind and the culture is strong. The beautiful Blue Ridge, the diverse Piedmont, and gorgeous coast line have so much to offer. We wanted to name these sweet babies after a town in each of the main NC regions.

There has been many tears shed on this litter, what started out as 5 puppies have dwindled to 3. I believe the ones that didn’t make it took during the second breeding 3 days after the first breeding. With Gidget having her pups two days early, the late puppies just didn’t have enough time to develop the stamina needed to survive. I tube fed late into the night to give them a fighting chance, but to no avail.

The puppies that remain have been given so much love and are healthy and plump. The whelping box is currently in our kitchen, so mom is eating really well. Every 30 minutes someone is walking by and picking up a puppy and cuddling with it on the couch.

Their eyes opened on Sunday and they are awkwardly discovering their legs. Since there isn’t competition, the puppies feed quickly and nap for long durations of time. Which works to our advantage because we get to cuddle one-on-one longer.

I have three socialization field trips pre-lined up for the group of pups. I will share those in a future blog post. Until then, we can’t wait to see what lucky families will get to add one of these sweet babies to their family roster. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season.



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