Oh, the places they go!

These little babies are off to the races! They run everywhere with their tails going a mile a minute. They love to interact with people! We have combined their fourth and fifth week blog post since we were celebrating our Christmas vacation. During that time, we have squeezed in quite a bit of safe socializing despite the busy season. Our socialization times have included children, teens, and adults. They LOVE interacting with people!!

Their personalities are beginning to surface. Charlotte is our fearless female who is already walking up to strangers with her tale up and wagging.

Boone seems to enjoy observing before entering a crowd of unknown people. Still sweet and cuddly, he is my quiet baby.

Then there is Aurora, she is our little sweetheart of the group. She gives kisses out without reservation. She is more laid back like her brother, while they are both cuddly, she is more apt to shower you with kisses.

Their back teeth have popped threw their little gums. We are still patiently waiting for their front teeth to come through. As soon as those teeth come in, they will be on soaked puppy food. Their momma, Gidget, will quickly begin to wean off the puppies. She is already enjoying several hours in the afternoon playing with her favorite canine companion, Bosa. While momma is out playing, her puppies are playing with their tiny rope toys (tug-of-war is constantly being played) and soft plushies.

There are several field trips scheduled during their sixth week update. Hopefully food will be on the agenda as well, Gidget will then begin her much deserved holiday! Until then, we hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a great week ahead.



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