Meet Bella

f1bb Petite Miniature Goldendoodle

Bella loves her guardian family. She adapts very quickly to their routines and has to have her snuggle time with them every morning. She likes her people and has to be with them all the time! Her favorite snack of all time is popcorn! She is always willing to go for car rides and has to be present while her family is washing dishes, cooking, or watching T.V.  She is our sweet little socialite and reminds us so much of her momma!

random fact: Bella's mother and grandmother are from our Pm line.




She loves people.

She is an F1bb Petite Miniature Goldendoodle.

She is very quick to learn commands and adapt to new routines.

She doesn't shed.

She plays well. Her favorites are fetch and tug of war.

She weighs 11lbs.

She travels well in the car.

She has a very curly apricot coat.

physical description

She loves to snuggle with her guardian family.

She has her father's huge button eyes.


progressional from puppy-hood to grown-up

Tested & Cleared for the following

She has received a bulk of her testing and has passed. Waiting for all the documents to be uploaded into the OFA system. 

dNA Clearances

OFA Clearances