Meet daisy

f1b Medium Goldendoodle

Daisy is our social girl! She loves dogs and she loves people. She wants to be in the middle of literally everything! This party girl does excellent with playing with little puppies and our daughter. If there is a dish of water, or a bucket of water, she will get in it. She LOVES the water. She is named after Daisy Duck because she loves water and follows us around like a little duckling!

random fact: she is the daughter of our retired dame Indy.




She plays well with other dogs.

She has a cream colored coat.

She is fearless.

Fully grown she should be around 40lbs.

She adapts well to her surroundings.

She has the classic wavy/curly goldendoodle coat.

She does well with children.

She has cute floppy ears.

physical description

She is quick to learn and likes to please.

She always looks like she is smiling.


progressional from puppy hood to growing girl

Tested & Cleared for the following

Will begin testing in the year of 2021 & 2022.

dNA Clearances

OFA Clearances