random fact: meli's mother's name is honey. meli means honey in greek.

Meet Meli

F1 Goldendoodle

Meli is a true family dog. She is happiest when cuddling on the couch or running through the yard with the kids. She is easily excited and always up for an adventure; whether it's a ride in the car with the windows down or a swim in the pool, she wants to be right by her guardian family's side. Because she is such a people pleaser, Meli was eager to train (with some treats and lots of head rubs) and is very social with our other dogs as well as friends and neighbors. She is instant best friends with everyone she meets! 

She gets along well with other animals.

She is an F1 Goldendoodle.

She is smart and easy to train.

She has a curly coat.

She is playful and loving.

She has camel colored spots on her ears, back, and tail. 

She loves car rides.

She weighs 45 lbs.

She is a loyal companion. 

She has minimal shedding. 







Tested & Cleared for the following

Will begin testing end of 2021.

DNA Clearances

OFA Clearances

OFA Heart - Normal
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Knees - Normal
NEwS - N/N
vWD1 - N/N
DM - N/N
Ich - N/C
Prcd-PRA - N/N