Meet the pups

praise for past litters

- Mary J.

"I just wanted to let you know that this girl is amazing! She is so smart and so loving. She learns so quick and loves so hard. We are in love and she is really an extraordinary puppy. She learns new commands in 2 minutes."

- Craig H.

"Mr Barbosa Blue is a perfect fit.  He has the best personality. He has exceeded expectations.  I thought he would take a few days to get comfortable with us, but acts like we have been together for weeks."

Miss Peach Petunia has a consistent personality. She should train easily and is truly a good puppy. She is sweet! She falls in the Beta category, which means she will do excellent with families and has great potential as a service or therapy dog! {She will have a curly coat and be approximately 49lbs full grown!}

pippin's puppies all grown up...

A lot of families that inquire about our business and puppies ask to see what we think the puppies will look like when they are full grown. We have followed up with some past families so you can see their furnishings and coat types. The images below are from Pippin and Huck's previous litter. 

past litters