These sweet babies are officially 6 weeks old!

This week the puppies have had to adjust to a lot less one-on-one time with their momma, but Misty was ready. Whether they know it or not, they are ready to move on to their next phase too.

Several afternoons this week, we spent outdoors. The puppies ran to their hearts content! They chased, sniffed, rolled, tumbled, and played hard. They ate lunch outside and drank so much water we had to fill up their dishes many times. Alayna played with them the whole time they were outside.

The puppies loved to chase Alayna while she would swing. It doesn’t get much better than a child getting to play with puppies, and a wonderful bonus, both the puppies and Alayna have slept great for me!

 We have started implementing no pets unless they are sitting and making eye contact. This lays an easier foundation for our families to teach them the command “sit” and improve their impulse control.

This upcoming week will be a busy week for these little babies. They have their vet appointment and several outings that we have planned. Before you know it, they will be saying good-bye and going home to their forever families. We are excited for them and will be putting in a lot of work with them this upcoming week to continue to prepare them for their new families.



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