Meet the pups + SEE The Litter's journal Entries

A lot of families that inquire about a specific litter ask to see what the puppies will look like when they start to grow-up. We have followed up with some past families so you can see their furnishings and coat types. The ages here range from four months old to over a year. These puppies are only from past Misty + Huck litters. 

Misty + Huck's puppies from past litters

 Misty + Huck's


past litter

MIsty + hucks's Past Litter- journal entries

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The next step in THE PROCESS is to fill out a puppy application if you are interested in inquiring about one of our available puppies. We look forward to reading through your application and answering any questions you may have!


Week one

Week two + Three

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Now we are six

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a jaunt to old salem

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Blowing Rock, A Dog Friendly Town

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