Growing up we moved a lot! The advantage of moving is that you get to meet a lot of people and see and experience many things. But there is something special about coming home and having a lot of memories inside and outside those walls. We moved to Buffaloway Road when I was in the 5th grade. It was the longest time I ever was able to live in a house or state. So many wonderful memories were made!

Like when we got our first English Creme puppy “Vicki,” the amazing Christmas time memories, playing in the front yard, eating dinner with my parents and sister, walking with my grandma down the street, the time James took me to prom his senior year, or the time he completely surprised me by flying from college in California back to North Carolina to take me to my senior prom.

What most people in reading this blog would want to know is that Parfait Mischen was created there in 2015.

Overtime, James and I were married and my parents moved away and allowed us to buy both the home and the business that I had grown up in. We created so many great memories while living there. Parfait Mischen continued to grow, but unfortunately so did the subdivision running parallel with our street. We have always loved allowing our dogs to be just that, dogs. Dogs LOVE to play, wrestle, run and be with us. We knew that we had outgrown Buffaloway Road and started to pray and dream about what the next step in our future would be.

Home no longer felt like home. Having moved so much as a child, there is a feeling that you can sense. It comes when change is soon around the corner but you aren’t fully aware of it yet. That familiar feeling had returned. James and I have always loved being outside and both of us grew up playing in the woods with our siblings. We wanted the same for our family. We decided to look for land. We found 30 beautiful acres in a nearby town that stole our hearts. I had puppy love for this new land.

It was hard though, packing up all our belongings and memories in cardboard boxes. I was able to walk through the house that 3 of our generations had been able to live in. I walked from room from room reliving in my mind all the great memories we all had shared; it was bittersweet. I closed the door and literally said “good-bye.”

“Good-bye” to Buffaloway and “Hello” to a new beginning for our family and Parfait Mischen.



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